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Lubrication effect on bearing of Alluvial Gold Mining Machine

The production process of the Alluvial Gold Mining Machine must be carried out smoothly, not only to ensure the selection of equipment, but also to ensure the standard operation, as well as good maintenance, the maintenance here, includes lubrication operation, and this operation naturally also includes lubrication for different parts of the interior, especially the bearing this core zero. What are its specific functions?

We know more about the role of lubrication is to reduce wear and tear, in fact, its role is far more than this, bearing, for example, it can also prevent metal corrosion, and prevent foreign invasion, play a sealing role, but also take away part of the heat generated by friction, prevent the phenomenon of bearing temperature rise, from these aspects See, lubrication for the Alluvial Gold Mining Machine's working process, even the reduction of equipment failure, parts have an important role in extending life.

The above mentioned important role of lubrication is achieved on the basis of good lubrication effect, if the production of poor lubrication, it will cause great harm, such as bearing vibration and wear phenomenon, such as the impact on production efficiency, and poor lubrication is also related to many factors, we for These factors are analyzed, mainly as follows: insufficient lubricating oil, or tubing is blocked, or the quality of lubricating oil problems, or did not add lubricating oil in time, or lubricating oil contains impurities caused by these aspects are the important causes of poor lubrication, only to solve this problem. Some reasons can make the Alluvial Gold Mining Machine work well.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that lubrication has an important impact on the composition of bearings, mainly on the life, failure and the production efficiency of Alluvial Gold Mining Machines, and the cause of poor lubrication is due to the problem of lubricating oil itself or not timely oil added, understand After these reasons, these aspects can be fundamentally prevented, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of lubrication, ensure the working process of the Alluvial Gold Mining Machine.

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