Impact Crusher With Magnetic Separator

What is the problem of unstable power supply for the Impact Crusher?

Whether for the start-up of the Impact Crusher or for the production of the Impact Crusher, the size of the voltage plays a vital role, and the size of the voltage and the motor has a direct relationship, is the main source of the driving force of the machine, so the abnormal motor will directly affect the production of the Impact Crusher. Understanding the causes of motor abnormalities in order to reduce or eliminate its abnormal phenomenon, here is to analyze the cause of power instability.

As for the harm caused by the unstable power supply of the motor to the sand-making machine, it has been mentioned above that the starting is difficult or the power supply is insufficient, no matter which one will cause adverse effects on the production, so it is very urgent to find out the cause of the unstable power supply, and there are many reasons for this phenomenon, the common motor circuit fault. The reasons of serious wear and tear of gear and horizontal cylinder liner, loosening of feeder, excessive discharging concentration and poor lubrication of spindle, etc. Since the causes of the failure have been found, different reasons need to be solved.

The solution is mainly based on different reasons, respectively, as follows: if the bearing lubrication caused by the poor phenomenon, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the bearing of the Impact Crusher, and to ensure the periodicity of lubrication; if the gear and horizontal cylinder liner wear caused by the power supply instability, it is necessary. Adjust and replace the gear and liner device; if the power supply is unstable due to the feeder, it is necessary to adjust the feeder; if it is caused by motor line fault, then it is necessary to check and remove, but the removal of Impact Crusher motor fault is only one party. The surface is also important for its maintenance.

Above is the main introduction of the Impact Crusher motor in use, if the power supply instability will bring harm, in view of this situation, analysis of the phenomenon of different causes and corresponding solutions, of course, in the production of the machine, the impact is not only from the motor, no matter what kind of factors, one by one In order to ensure smooth production, we must ensure that the process of investigation is careful and comprehensive, then naturally requires careful and patient staff, of course, in order to ensure the convenience and reasonableness of various operations, Impact Crusher factory when there are instructions, can help the use of the machine.

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