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Abnormal phenomena of current meter in Impact Crushers

The drive of Impact Crushers needs voltage, and the voltage is related to current. In order to observe the value of current more accurately, the machine is equipped with ammeter. By changing the value of ammeter, abnormal equipment can be found in time. So for ammeter itself, what are the manifestations of abnormal phenomena?

As far as the ammeter used in the production of Impact Crushers is concerned, there are two kinds of abnormal phenomena, one is the phenomenon of excessive current value, the other is the phenomenon of excessive current value. Both of these phenomena are caused by improper operation in the production, so for the operator, the observation of ammeter value. It is necessary to carry out regular operation and adjust the operation timely according to the change of current value.

First of all, the reason for the excessive value of ammeter is mainly due to the excessive amount of feed, the excessive accumulation of material in the crushing chamber or the base of the Impact Crushers, or the blockage of the discharge hopper. In addition, mechanical or electrical failure is also the reason for the excessive value of ammeter. The solution is to reduce the quantity of feed in time, dredge the blockage phenomenon, and carefully check the possible mechanical or electrical faults, according to different faults to adopt different solutions, in order to ensure the good working state of Impact Crushers.

Secondly, the ammeter value is too small, mainly due to small feeding, or drive belt skidding, or electrical fault caused, the solution is to increase the number of feeding properly, for the drive belt skidding phenomenon needs to replace the drive belt, and for electrical fault, it needs to be investigated. To find out its specific fault types, we can solve this problem accordingly.

About the abnormal phenomena of ammeter in the production of sand-making machine, we analyze it from two aspects: one is the phenomenon of excessive ammeter value, the other is the phenomenon of excessive ammeter value, no matter which kind of phenomena are caused by operation or the existence of electrical fault, so in the production of sand-making machine, reasonable operation And the solution to the electrical fault is an important condition to ensure the smooth operation of the sand making process.

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