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Bearing installation of jaw crusher

Haitao is a mechanical maintenance worker in a concentrator. According to him, in his maintenance life, the jaw crusher is often touched. A few days ago, the factory purchased a jaw crusher from Zenith Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. After hard assembly and debugging by Haitao, he thought, simply share these years of experience in assembling E-break, so he convened a "experience exchange" among his colleagues.

Haitao first introduced the jaw crusher briefly. He said that jaw crusher is a kind of breaking machine which works intermittently. It appeared earlier. Because of its simple structure, difficult blocking, reliable work, easy manufacture and easy maintenance, it is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors. It is used to break the compressive strength between 147 and 320 MPa. The coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.

Hai Tao said that the core part of the jaw crusher is the moving jaw, where the workload of our assembly is mainly concentrated, (the workers nodded), and the assembly of the moving jaw is mainly based on rolling bearings. As long as the bearing is fitted properly, the jaw will be worn smoothly, not hold back, and then the whole machine will not have a major problem. It is because installation of bearings is so important that here is a brief description of some precautions for bearing.

Before the bearing is assembled, check whether there is rust or not. If any, wash it with diesel or kerosene. Then it is necessary to check the radial clearance of the bearing, the size and accuracy of the bore, eccentric shaft assembly journal size and so on to meet the requirements.

After the inspection, it is time to load the bearing on the equipment. This step is also very particular. Because of the large journal interference (to the MAX limit) of the equipment bearing, it is difficult to fit the journal with the general press method. It is necessary to use the hot-charging method to heat the bearing to about 100 C, and the equiaxle hole expands to more than 100 C. After the size of the axle neck can be assembled.


his is mainly because the bearings are hardened inside and outside. If heated with firewood or gas welding, the bearings will be deformed because of uneven heating and may reduce the hardness of the bearings. Thereby reducing the service life. And the use of oil bath can ensure that all parts of the bearing uniform heating, will not make it deformation, will not let its hardness decline.

After the bearing has been assembled, wait for its complete cooling, and then check the radial clearance of the bearing with a plug, if too small or no clearance, to find out the reason in time, if not, have to be disassembled and reassembled. If the clearance is right, you can apply grease, and then assemble other parts (many people nod to call it).

After the jaw crusher is installed and put into production, there is another aspect to be noted, that is, the working temperature of the bearing. Normally its temperature is below 70 C, but there are also special circumstances, such as large-scale rolling bearings due to poor working environment, serious dust, heat dissipation is not smooth, coupled with the weather temperature is too high, the working temperature of the bearing will reach about 100 C, in this case need to strengthen lubrication, often refueling, to achieve 2-3 days a day. Time. If the temperature of the bearing is too high to 100 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to check whether there is a fault, immediately check maintenance.

It should be said that no matter what equipment, must be diligent maintenance, do not wait until broken to remedy, so as to delay production and increase the cost of the factory, usually to equipment more maintenance than the cost of repair is much lower.

Zenith was happy to see the user's technicians delving into the jaw crusher and letting us do things better together.

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