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What conditions of feeding will affect the work of jaw crusher?

For jaw crusher production, only add materials, production can proceed, otherwise the equipment will be in a state of idling, there will be no material discharged, also can not get the production income, and add materials is not only to the equipment to send materials to the interior of this simple, feeding process has a lot of attention, including If the operation does not meet the requirements, it will cause the jaw crusher efficiency decline or increase the failure rate. In view of this phenomenon, here is to analyze which feeding conditions have an impact on the production of the machine.

One. The effect of pre screening on production.

Pre-screening refers to the treatment of materials before being added to a jaw crusher, because the particle sizes of materials are not exactly the same, and even some materials are small in size, without the need for coarse breaking stage can be carried out in fine crushing and other production, so the pre-screening of feed is very important, not only to ensure the crushing efficiency. It can also reduce the consumption of crushing process.

Two. Effect of feed size composition on production

Regardless of the type of jaw crusher, although it is used for rough breakage, but its size of the material is limited, can not be processed for all sizes of materials, so when feeding, must pay attention to the size of materials in line with the requirements of the equipment, if the size is too large, then Not only the crushing efficiency is low, but also the wear is serious, but if the size is too small, it will also cause serious wear phenomenon.

Three. The influence of feeding equipment layout on production.

This mainly refers to the form of silo and the choice of feeder, these two aspects of jaw crusher production impact is very big, if these two aspects are not equipped with reasonable, then can not achieve continuous, uniform feed demand, will naturally affect the efficiency of production;

What is described above is the feeding conditions will affect the production process of jaw crusher, mainly in three aspects, namely, pre-screening, feeding granularity composition and feeding equipment layout, for the three aspects of the analysis is more detailed, from the analysis can be seen, for the material to be broken in advance and to ensure the closure. Reasonable feeding can be guaranteed by reasonable grain size and layout of feeding equipment, thus avoiding unfavorable factors to production caused by feeding.

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