Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher

Hazards of motor vibration of Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher

Mineral Dressing Ore Crushers need not only to be equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment, but also equipped with appropriate types of motor. Although the motor is not directly involved in the crushing of materials, but the role of production can not be ignored, so the production of motor fault should be minimized, because its failure will cause the whole life. Production process abnormal or stop, to reduce its failure, we need to understand the type of fault, and the causes, as far as the motor is concerned, one of the fault is the phenomenon of vibration, then what is the cause of this phenomenon? How does it affect the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher?

Hazards of motor vibration of Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher

  • 1, Vibration will consume a certain amount of energy, which will reduce the efficiency of the motor, then directly affect the crushing process of the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher;
  • 2, Vibration will cause more wear and tear on the bearings inside the motor, and its service life will be greatly reduced, which will increase the operating cost of the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher.
  • 3, Vibration will cause the motor rotor to bend or break, and make some parts of the tightening degree decreased, directly affecting the operation of Mineral Dressing Ore Crushers and other equipment;
  • 4, The phenomenon of motor vibration will reduce the insulation resistance, which will cause great hidden danger to the safety of Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher staff.

Vibration reason of Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher motor

The vibration of the motor is mainly caused by the vibration of the frame, the unbalance of the rotor and the vibration of the motor bearing. The vibration of the frame is mainly caused by the exciting force of the rotor vibration or the electromagnetic vibration of the stator core. The vibration of the motor caused by unbalance is mainly caused by static unbalance, dynamic unbalance and mixed unbalance of the rotor of the Mineral Dressing Ore Crusher, so the adjustment of the rotor balance is an effective measure to reduce the vibration; and the reason of the motor bearing vibration is the relative vibration between the bearing and the rotor or the vibration of the bearing seat, therefore. This reason needs to be solved from these two aspects.

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